Nicole Eggert Meets With LAPD Officers To File Report Against Scott Baio After SIX New Witnesses Come Forward

Scott Baio’s merely in deeper and deeper shit this week after Nicole Eggert’s allegations of sexual assault years ago while filming Charles In Charge are being corroborated by more witness — and the police are now officially involved.

Eggert is meeting with Los Angeles police to file an official report against Baio, which comes on the heels of SIX new witnesses supporting her on-set molestation allegations from years ago on the TV sitcom when she was just a teenager, and Baio was in his mid-2 0s.

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The now 46 -year-old actress is hoping for Baio to come clean and own up to what she alleges he did — and considering the police are now involved, as well as more witnesses are busy coming forward to corroborate her allegations, it’s starting to look pretty bad for Scott.

For one, Eggert spoke out about Baio, asked to ‘fess up to his mis-deeds from decades ago in the spirit of doing it for his daughter( below ):

“I would like to see him come clean for the sake of his daughter. I would like to see him be a good parent.”


Scott continues to deny all claims made against him, and has been tweeting quite a bit about it ever since the allegations broke more than a week ago.

Regardless , now that the cops are involved, the seriousness is ramped up going beyond social media … and if those “five to six” on situated witness as reported stick with what they’ve corroborated in her allegations … that’s no good for Baio.

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The legal process will play out on this case regardless, and it’s likely for the better — more productive and ultimately more only to have it play out there than on social media.

But still … damn !!!

[ Image via NBC/ ABC .]

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