On The Human Stupidity Scale, Tightrope Walking Over A Volcano Is High Up There

In the world of extreme daredevils, the goal is to always strive to set the step and forge your style into the record books, and that’s exactly what German daredevil Lukas Irmler and his crew set out to do during their latest stunt in Peru.

After clambering to the top of the El Misti Volcano, Irmler and his squad stretched a 470 -yard rope across the volcano’s crater and prepared to make a memorable tightrope walking more than 18,000 feet above sea level.

With only a small harness as a safety measure, the heat was on Irmler to defined a new world record, all while barefoot.

Screenshot/ Daily Mail

One wrong pace and he would nosedive straight into the volcano’s active center.

When the time came for Irmler to stimulate his incredible journey, the man traveled merely over 200 yards before hour constraints forced Irmler to abandon his mission.

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